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Easy-fit Twist-&-Lock fitting

IC-Rated side ventilation for maintained thermal managment

Lumanor LED Lamps - Product Categories - IC-Rated Fire-Rated Cans

Quick-fix connector block

Interchangeable Bezels

Interchangeable Bezels

An Interchangeable bezel allows for multiple finishes to suit every user's tastes, such as polished chrome, matt white or satin nickel.

         IP20              IP20-Tilting                     IP65

       Bezels                  Bezels                      Bezels

Other Brands

A single piece interchangeable bezel means easy installation and lamp swap giving a clean, smooth finish with no visible lines

Quick-Fit Connector

At Lumanor, we understand the value of our customer's time and are constantly seeking ways to improve not just the final lighting experience or our products, but also the process of installation to make it as smooth and simple as possible.  As a result, Lumanor's IC-Rated Cans comes with the option of a quick-fit mains terminal connector.

Lumanor IP20 & IP65 IC-Rated Fire-Rated Cans

IP20 and IP65 versions available

Interchangeable bezels

Variety of bezel colours available

Outline-free finish for sleeker, more elegant look

30, 60 & 90-min Fire-Rated

Cut out: 

IP20 - 70mm  (H: 120(mm) - W:85(mm))

IP20 Tilting - 75mm  (H: 115(mm) - W:86(mm))

IP65 - 75mm  (H: 115(mm) - W:86(mm))







Lumanor™ IP20 Fire-Rated Can GU10/M16  White

Lumanor™ IP20 Fire-Rated Can GU10/M16  Satin Nickel

Lumanor™ IP20 Fire-Rated Can GU10/M16  Polished Chrome

Lumanor™ IP20 Fire-Rated Can GU10/M16  Polished Brass

Replace S with T for tilting version

Replace IP20 with IP65 for IP Rated version

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