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Lumanor LED Lamps - Product Categories - Fire-Rated Integrated Downlights

Tri-Colour IP65 


Anti-Glare Optics

Interchangeable Bezels



Die-Cast Aluminium body for improved thermal management

Protective Cap maintains thermal performance even when covered by insulation layers

Insulation Ready

The Lumanor 10W IP65 Dimmable Fire-Rated LED Downlight comes with unique backing IC-Cage that ensures the continual passage of free air over the heat sink and therefore maintains the thermal performance of the fitting. However, if space is at a premium and no overlaid insulation is in use, without the cage will greatly reduce the overall height and vastly improve versatility.

In order to maintain excellent and consistentlight distribution the new Lumanor 10W FireRated downlights are fitted with the samehigh-performance anti-glare PMMA lensthat is used in our industry acclaimed andapproved range of COB GU10 LED lamps.

Consistent Optics

Interchangeable Bezel

An interchangeable bezel allows for multiple finishes
to suit your client’s tastes, such as polished chrome, matt white or satin nickel.  Users are also able to choose between Lumanor Round or Square shaped bezels for a truly flexible lighting solution.

In addition, all bezels come with a unique anti-glare
baffle design in order to reduce the overall glare of
the fitting and ensure comfortable, consistent light
distribution whilst maintaining maximum brightness.

Quick-Fit Connector

At Lumanor, we understand the value of our customer's time and are constantly seeking ways to improve not just the final lighting experience of our products, but also the process of installation to make it as smooth and simple as possible.  As a result, Lumanor's new Tri-Colour come pre-fitted with a quick-fit mains terminal connector.

Trim-less Bezel

Lumanor introduces the trim-less bezel for an optional totally recessed finish, with no unsightly bezels or trims. It's designed to allow the fitting to be blended into the ceiling for creating an ambient lighting effect.

Lumanor 10W Fire-Rated IP65
Tri-Colour Dimmable LED Downlight

Configuration: 1 x 10W LED COB chip

Rating: 10W

Warm White (2700K)- Natural White (4000K) - Cool White (6000K)

5 years warranty

Up to 35,000 hours lifetime

Beam angle 38 degrees






90-min Fire-Rated

​Cut out(mm): 70 | H: 50 | H+cage: 80


Lumenous Output: 


Up to 800lm





LFRDSIP6510TRI-XX-YY: Lumanor™ 10W Tri-Colour IP65 Fire-Rated Dimmable Downlight,220-240V AC 50Hz

Replace XX with WH for White, MW for Matt White, PC for polished Chrome, SN for Satin Nickel and PB for Polished Brass.

Replace YY with SQ for Square Bezel or leave blank for Round Bezel


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